Miracles Do Happen


Natalie Rodriguez, Staff Writer

In Syria, a horrific war broke out that destroyed most of Syria, but in the midst of all the violence, a heart-warming event emerged.

Minear, 30, and Khoula, 21, grew up in the same neighborhood in Dara’a City in Syria, Minear was ready to look for a wife but he was a refugee living in Jordan while Khoula still remained in Dara’a.

Minear’s mother had no friends out in Jordan and was looking for someone for his son but then she remembered a family they lived by and immediately contacted Khoula’s mother. Communicate through an app called WhatsApp, Minear was eager to get to know Khoula, but first made sure her parents weren’t forcing her to talk to him.

They fell in love although it was very difficult to keep in touch because of the poor connection in Dara’a City but that didn’t stop them from messaging and calling each other.

Soon they agreed to get engaged, but reality sank in, they were in two completely different places.

Becoming discouraged, they thought they would never meet. Suddenly Khoula discovered she would possibly be moving to Turkey so Minear asked Khoula’s father to acquire a marriage contract. Their first attempt to bring Khoula to Jordan failed but soonly after Minear got her a plane ticket to Jordan and they have been inseparable since.“It was a very good feeling finally meeting my fiancee.” Minear states.
They were married in a small ceremony attended by close friends and family shortly after.

Minear says, “It was something impossible, but it happened. If you are patient and you really, really want it, good things can come to you. Something beautiful.”
Now they are united and Khoula is seven and a half months pregnant with a baby girl.
Although tragic things occur around the world if you look hard enough, you will find the positive, as some turn to love for their escape.