New Classes

New Classes

Michael Ngyuen, Staff Writer

Each year brings new and exciting things, and starting in the 2016-2017, Ontario will be offering brand new classes such as Robotics, AP Spanish and Literature and Digital Film.
In previous years at Ontario, many electives were cut due to lack of funding, however, now there will be many new classes that students can take through the next school year.

Robotics is one of the many classes that will be offered next year. It will be taught by current AP and Honors physics teacher, Mr. Stafford.

The course will be a problem-solving, engineering class that includes learning about coding, electronics, and the use of the arduino and applying those skills to solve challenges.
Second semester will consist of creating projects with the arduino based on their knowledge from the first semester. Mr. Stafford stated how, “ The tool named arduino that will be used in the course, is a robot brain that can be used to come up with creative solutions to challenges.”

The arduino is a platform that allows users to create interactive electronic objects such as remote controlled drones through the use of coding.

Although the class will not be an A-G class as of next year, it is a science elective credit and will be allowing sophomores all the way to seniors to enroll in the class.
To apply to any of these classes, make sure to let your counselor know that you are interested and if it will fit in your next year’s schedule.

AP Spanish and Literature is also another class that will offered next year that will be taught by current Honors Spanish, Mrs. De La Parra. Just as there is an AP English and Literature and AP English and Composition, this new addition to the list of AP classes will add a second branch of the available course for Spanish classes. Mrs. De La Parra said that students will be engaging in hispanic poetry and writing from authors such as “Don Quixote, Pablo Neruda and Gabriel García Márquez”. The course focuses more on analyzing Spanish writings instead of focusing on grammar which requires students to have experience in at least two years of Spanish classes and fluency in the language. Students must be able to understand “at least 70%” of the writing since they will spend class time dissecting elements of writing to analyze. Luckily for students who may find this course too challenging for them, the pre-existing AP Spanish Language class will still be offered taught by Mr. Marquez.

Also, Digital Filmmaking will be included in the list of new classes being offered next year. Students will apply and be approved by current Journalism and AP English Literature teacher, Mrs. White. In the class, students can expect to have hands on training on video and broadcasting equipment such as camcorders and microphones. Students will have the opportunity to create short films and video some of which that will be broadcast at school. In addition to working with advanced technical equipment, students will also learn lighting skills, digital film/graphics skills and work to produce news segments. Whether you want to be in front of the camera or behind it, Mrs. White promises this class will be exciting!

The last class that will provided is Psychology, taught by Mr. Robles who has extensive knowledge on the topic as he taught the class before and took courses at Loyola Marymount University. In the course, a student can expect to “learn what Psychology is and the methods used to understand the subject.” Mr. Robles stated how he wants students to learn how to use the subject in an applicable way such as, “noticing a friend who needs help based on their behavior and effects of alcohol and drugs.” Exploration of careers that involve and Psychology and experiments will all be involved in the partaking of this class next year. According to Mr. Robles, Juniors and Seniors will be allowed to take this class next year; if you are interested in human behavior and how to interpret other parts of the mind, make sure to sign up under the elective courses.