The Time Machine

Kathy Martinez, Staff Writer

The Time Machine: a suspenseful tale about a scientist and a maid facing the unpredictable events of the future. The theatre students have done it again with another successful play, leaving the audience hypnotized and eager to know the full story and the fate of the characters.

The story takes place in the 1800’s London, where a scientist name Filby seems to have created the impossible — a machine that lets a person travel through time. But just like every great discovery, nobody believes in Filby’s brilliant invention. And in order to prove himself, Filby and his maid go on a dangerous, heart-racing journey to the future.

Senior Nathan Meza couldn’t have done a better job in bringing the character to life. With his quick responses and sincere emotions, the real Dr. Filby might well have been up there on the stage himself. And the story couldn’t have been complete without the beautiful actress Stephanie Alsalamy as the maid, Mrs. Watchett.

In the play, Filby and Watchett travel to the future where they find human civilization, as we know it, dead. When he comes home, no one believes Filby’s tale.

Overall, the play was outstanding and hilarious. Props to the cast and tech crew for putting together an amazing show!