Disneyland unveils new Star Wars land


Star Wars is coming to Disneyland. Disney CEO Bob Iger has confirmed as much to investors in a recent conference call. He said Disney Imagineers are in the process of designing and developing Star Wars themed attractions, that will greatly increase the space epicÕs Òpresence in multiple locations around the world.Ó

Keven Michel, Staff Writer

The dream of many young Jedis having a Star Wars land at Disneyland has become a reality. Now, the Disney corporation has agreed to closed down some attractions to build a dedicated Star Wars land.

After acquiring Lucasfilms in 2012, Disney reintroduced the Star Wars franchise and other films through spin off and marketing. The popularity among the Star Wars franchise has grown substantially and some small attractions at Disneyland from Star Wars are widely visited.

Since the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, attractions such as Tomorrowland have been overhauled in Star Wars special effects and other commodities to appeal to many Star Wars fans.
However, with rival Universal Studios unveiling their highly anticipated Harry Potter theme park this spring in Hollywood, Disney executives are rushing to compete. Disney executives have purchased some property in Anaheim for future expansion of attractions that include the Star Wars project, which also include closing down a restaurant and other services within the park.

Concept art shown by the Disney executives suggest a heavy influence from creators from both Lucas films and Disney Imagineers. The art shows a Millennium Falcon in the middle of a wide open space and what could be a possible new ride.
Other art rendered are the pictures of a “Cantina” style open space and rides that may include fighting the First order.
The project is expected to be finished by the summer of 2018, just in time for next episode of Star Wars to be released.