Save the Waste

Ricky Becerra, Staff Writer

Imagine a place in which our spoiled food can be transferred into a powerful source of energy. This abstract method, known as anaerobic digester system, is a process very beneficial to the economy.
According to this system is the breakdown of organic materials in the absence of oxygen. This takes place naturally or in an anaerobic digester.
Everyday we waste about one-third of unwanted food ( With the anaerobic digester system, it becomes beneficial to reuse the waste.
Having an alternative source of energy is crucial since there has been a decline in natural resources. We are in danger of damaging the climate, adding on top of the problems that currently exist ( Fuels like coal and oil will eventually run out, so spoiled food seems very ethical since all it does is make use of what we no longer want. However, the system provides the energy identical to natural gas, but rather than waiting a long period of time for it, the energy is produced within days. This is an advantage since there will always be some waste of food, so we can rely on this bountiful resource.
Programs, such as Kroger, help reduce waste by 150 tons per day. The idea that spoiled food can be turned into energy highlights the fact that this can lead to an economy in which our waste won’t be a worry.
Not only does it provide environmental benefits, but it also helps by not having to send the food waste to trash compactors. Landfills cause pollution, so with the anaerobic digester system it will reduce the amount of waste in landfills.
This becomes very important because it shows the fact that we are headed to a more advanced future, simply with the reuse of waste. It can improve the way we live.