Bleeding Eyes Stumps Science

Megan George, Staff Writer

17 year old Marnie Harvey suffers from a traumatic medical condition that doctors have yet to find a cure for.
In July of 2015, Harvey woke up surrounded by a pool of blood spewing out of her left eye horrifying both herself and her family members.

The condition grew increasingly worse with blood seeping from her tongue, ears, and even scalp. Multiple tests have come back negative for signs of organ failure from her liver, kidneys, womb, or ovaries where the origin of the blood was suspected.

Medical mysteries test the knowledge of the scientific community daily with cases like Harvey’s. Some of these cases present doctors with frightening symptoms that still today have not been cured. There have been some strange medical cases in the past that have led to the discovery of different diseases.

Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva (FOP) is a progressive genetics disorder that turns soft tissue into bone over time. This mutation can go unchecked and can even lead to skeletal muscle transforming into bone. There is no current cure for this disease that has held captive the lives of one to two million people. Even surgically removing this excess bone will not help these people, it will just increase the progressiveness of the condition (

“Walking Corpse Syndrome” is another unusual medical disease dating all the way back to 1882. Sufferers of this mental disorder believe that they are missing body parts- such as the brain- or are actually dead. Those with the condition refuse to eat or bathe and tend to walk around in cemeteries longing to be with “their own kind”.

Cases such as these are related to problems in the brain relating to dysfunctions in areas of the brain that recognize and associate emotions with faces. While medicine can be used to treat the condition, cures have only been met through extensive electroconvulsive therapy (

There are many other extreme medical cases that have baffled the scientific community including tree man syndrome, vampire syndrome and also elephantiasis.

All of these diseases were discovered through rare medical phenomenons that people experiences over the course of many centuries.

Marnie Harvey’s mysteriously seeping blood may be the gateway to a new scientific discovery.