The Illuminati

Pablo Toriz, Editor

As far as secret organizations go, the most well known is probably the Illuminati.

Thier rumored membership includes nearly every public figure in the world including Beyonce, Paris Hilton, Barack Obama, Adolf Hitler and many more. This supposedly powerful cabal has been implicated in the Kennedy assassination, the death of Tupac, and 9/11.

The Illuminati has been said to be the ones spinning the cogs that make the world go round. What do we know about the Illuminati?

In 1776, Adam Weishaupt, secular college professor in Bavaria, Germany, was feeling excluded by his colleagues and decided to start a society to spread Enlightenment Era ideas. This was an attempt to shift the pro-monarchy Catholic supremacist movement into a more enlightened scientific and somewhat secular movement forward.

The creation of this group would have serious consequences. To avoid this, Weishaupt gave himself and his colleagues nicknames and shrouded the group in secrecy. The Illuminati managed to recruit from 650 to 2,500 members after joining forces with the long standing freemasons group in Bavaria at their height in 1784.

At about this time a religious cult, known as Rosicrucianism, infiltrated the Illuminati and confiscated and published important documents from the founders. The Illuminati’s existence was uncovered and the monarch passed a law banning all secret societies, thus ending the Illuminati’s existence.

Since then, many books were written purporting that not only does the Illuminati still exist in secret, but that they were conspiratorially responsible for many major world events including the French Revolution.
However, there is no actual evidence that proves the existence of the Illuminati today. But of course, wouldn’t that be exactly what they want you to think?