YouTube Throwback

Rodolfo Varela, Staff Writer

Throughout the years, a variety of memes and trends have been set by the well known media site YouTube.

From hours of humorous and clever skits, to bone chilling horror stories caught on video, we will be looking at the most memorable and impactful moments of YouTube in it’s golden age.

Starting off with the best moments you could have; Content creators like Ryan Higa and Lucas Cruikshank paving the way for modern day YouTubers.

Ryan Higa’s “How to…” videos were a stepping stone for comedic skits, with a low budget production this is an instant classic video.

The Fred video series created by Cruikshank, albeit annoying to many, has also given inspiration to content directed more towards teens, in fact Nickelodeon eventually bought this persona and created a franchise which unfortunately died out in later years.

One of the most controversial topics on YouTube at one time, was an Internet troll who went by many names but was best known for his pseudonym Chad Warden.

His entire YouTube fame was based around the greatest argument of the decade; PS3 being better than XBOX360. He began all sorts of arguments, as well in addition to receiving various degrees of hate mail and angry comments on his videos.

Trolling was a large trend on the site with the following years containing videos infested with Rick Rolls. These videos usually had misleading titles, which led to a regular intro consisting of what the title states and suddenly, Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Let You Go” would begin to play instead.

Some of the scariest things in our childhood have arguably come from YouTube.  Jump scares and ghost sighting videos were frequent on the site, and as of 2012 creepy pasta videos have become one of the larger portions of YouTube. One very memorable video was the “Scary Car Commercial” video, in which you are focusing on a car slowly drive down a hill when suddenly a ghoul pops out and gives an unsettling shriek.

Other videos consist of “ghost hitchhikers” where a hitchhiker is picked up by unknowing victims who meet their demise by uncovering the passengers past.

The gaming community has also been around since the dawn of YouTube. Many students must remember watching “Glitch Tutorials” which showcased a glitch for either Call of Duty, Gears of War, or Halo whilst playing a soothing track from 009 sound system, a techno group from back then.

Soon enough, gaming became a profession and changed YouTube to what we know today.

This option became available to most youthful community members, creating large fan bases for teams such as Optic, FaZe and companies like Scuf and G Fuel began sponsoring players. Most teens of today know what FaZe and Optic are, in fact some of these content creators are the most understandable hence why so many viewers support their channels.

Most of YouTube’s community branches out into our common life, with video blogs becoming incredibly popular because the site is so easy to use, virtually anyone can become a content creator.