Stealing The Show


Eva Magana, Editor

We are living in the age of the anti-hero. Audiences from around the world seem more interested in the upcoming Suicide Squad film than the recently released Batman v. Superman. Villains are stealing the show and one villain in particular has the spotlight.

    Nowadays, Harley Quinn is known as the popular female character in all of DC Comics, instead of Wonder Woman.

Harley Quinn always “steals the show.” Not only is she the most popular character to come out of Batman, the animated series, she also is often used to promote the Batman Arkham video games. The video game company Rocksteady chose Quinn as their primary focus when introducing the real downloadable mission, “Harley Quinn’s revenge”.

In 2011, DC Comics released, The New 52, a series of revamped comic books to make story lines clearer, and reboot comic books sales. The New 52 was known as a fresh start for the icons of DC. When The New 52 relaunched Suicide Squad the comic; adding Harley Quinn was a decision adored by fans.

The positive reaction DC got to Harley Quinn led to her own solo series, that distributed specials such as Harley Quinn Holiday Special and Harley Quinn Valentine’s Day Special. Dc Comics even announced the month of February be dedicated to the distinct Harley Quinn.  

She is known to appeal to a strong audience, perhaps due to the different versions she displays. It should be noted that Quinn is known for all the different styles she carries. Whether it be Harley Quinn’s heavy wardrobe or how she presents herself in what she says and does. With so many versions, audiences can choose which version of her character to admire. In the animated series, Harley Quinn was crazy about her partner, The Joker or how Quinn would like to call him, “Puddin” despite dealing with the abusive relationship the audience can clearly see.

In Rocksteady’s version of Harley Quinn, she is much more obscene with her attire and how she carries herself. This new Harley evolved into a character who eventually took over her Puddin’s gang, and was more self confident than her animated self.

When The New 52 came out, they introduced a character far more sexual. This Harley Quinn proved to be a clever psychiatrist always analyzing those around her and ends up being as deadly as the Joker.

Harley Quinn proves to be a female “friendly” character knowing how to use real weapons and proving to be more worthy than some iconic male heros and villians.