A Colorful World

Karina Carabez, Staff Writer

There are many different types of art; art is an act of expression that can be      demonstrated with an imagination and creativity.

With the use of a spray can and other stencils an artist creates what they desire. Though the forms of various art are interpreted differently, some forms of art are more modern and are publicly displayed on walls and museums, while others are found in private areas and considered vandalism.

   Street art is created in public locations, usually in outside venues where more techniques are used than just graffiti.

Street artists have had formal training and prepare their art before hand. While most graffiti artists lack formal artistic training and can lead to uncalled for “tagging”.  

Ontario, CA, has examples of both forms, some are approved to be created, while some are illegal and appear in privately owned locations areas.

The art and tagging near the train tracks of Ontario is considered vandalism because it is not approved by the city; the fenced area is private.

Criminal justice instructor and Probation officer for San Bernardino county, Robert Martinez, states graffiti without city approval is “cleaned by us taxpayers; we have to call the city to clean it off”’ because it is a violation.

The city of Ontario stays active with graffiti issues when citizens call the city and through patrol officers contacting code enforcement.  

Martinez explains the difference between street art and graffiti: “street art is where you can see a mural; like in downtown Ontario there is a mural of trees, people shopping and kids playing.” It is art that people can enjoy.

Meanwhile “graffiti is gang-related [and] is on walls, streets, and sidewalks. It is illegal and it looks ugly.”  If you want to do something nice then ask for permission.”

He later states how graffiti is usually done with bad intentions because permission is not given to those who seek to not abide by the law and there are consequences for those who deface city and private property.