AP testing waivers

Alicia Govea, Editor

Advanced Placement (AP) testing season has arrived, and many students qualified for a fee waiver. The exams initially cost $92; however, fortunately for students who qualified for waiver, the cost is lowered to $53. Many students claim the cost is still too expensive.

The average family income in the city of Ontario is $54,802, whereas the average family income in the city of Chino is $80,072 (bestplaces.net). The National Center for Children in Poverty states a low income family of four income is $44,700. Ontario exceeds this only by about $10,000 and that is not considering that many families exceed four members.

However, the CJUHSD follows the college board standards according to assistant principal, Mrs. Saenz.

Saenz said, “The [AP] exam is $83, with the waiver it drops down to $53. It is a $29 fee reduction. [The reduction] is for the entire Chaffey Joint Unified High School District.”

“AP examination costs are determined by the state. Between district and state I don't know where that [reduction] comes from, but primarily the state determines the cost of the AP exam is going to be.” said Saenz.

According to Saenz Approximately 250 students taking AP Exams. Many of our student qualify for the waivers unfortunately, not enough of them take advantage of them. Approximately 83% of all exams qualified for a waiver.