OHS Cheers To Victory!

Alicia Govea, Editor

California governor, Jerry signed AB 949, which required the Department of Education to develop guidelines and to recognize competitive cheerleading as a high school sport.

For the Ontario High School cheer program the future is bright, especially when the cheer program entered in their first competition—and won first place.

They participated in their first competition was on April 9th at Claremont High School, where they won first place. Cheer’s victory was one well earned.

“Competition was definitely a big deal, it was really exciting and they worked so hard. We were practicing five days a week, and it was additional to what they were practicing for regular cheer. They were practicing two or three hours extra, we would have some night practices, and they would be here until seven or eight at night,” said cheer coach, Michelle Dummett.

The routines cheer performs at school events are much different from the competitive routines.

“The [competition] routines are a lot different; there is more skill involve, the stunts are a lot more intense. In competition they are judged on how many stunts and how many skills they can do in a two minute thirty second time period.” said Dummett.  

Next school year cheer plans to start practice in November, and enter at least 2 to 3 more competitions.

Dummett explains that she loves OHS, and all the students on cheer are passionate and dedicated.

“They’ll tell you that they have made some of the best memories this year and you become a family because you work so hard, and you work until they just wanna lay on the mat and they don’t want to do it again, but they get up and do it again and again.”