Esperanza Scholarship

David Dang , Staff Writer

24 students at Ontario High School recently received the Esperanza Scholarship for maintaining a 3.5 grade point average, 25 hours of community service, and enrollment in a 4- year university.  

The Esperanza Scholarship Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides financial aid, in the form of a monetary scholarship, to lower income students with an outstanding academic record. The Esperanza scholarship awards its recipients with $1,000, which will be used for college expenses.

Bryan Vargas, one of the 24 recipients at Ontario High School, commented on the benefits of the scholarship.

“The Esperanza scholarship will help me cover some necessary costs such as (books, fees, supplies, etc.) while in college”.

Humberto Mendez, who was also awarded the Esperanza scholarship, stated,“[The scholarship] will help by helping me to get my parents to contribute less from their own pockets and allows me to have everything paid for now”.

Bryan Vargas and Humberto Mendez, as well as many others winners were very “surprised” and “happy” to be chosen for the scholarship.

Mr. Sousley, a teacher here at Ontario High School, is also  an active board member of the Esperanza scholarship

He encourages students to “apply for the scholarship, most [people] who apply and complete the scholarship, actually win it”.

As an ending comment, Mr. Sousley says, “that I’m super proud of everyone and they’re an amazing group of students, who are smarter than me.”