Turned A Blind Eye

Logan Roldan, Staff Writer

On February 16th, at 12:30 PM, motherboard.vice.com published an article stating that “Half The Planet is Going To Need Glasses by 2050”. After this statement, they go on to say that “Ophthalmology researchers at the Brien Holden Vision institute…note that the coming wave of squinters…together represent a fivefold increase in myopia…”.


For confirmation, the researcher’s comments made on for motherboard.vice.com. Dr. Schoredar is an opthamologist at a small clinic inside a Costco on 9404 Central Ave, Montclair, CA 91763. In order to look deeper into the situation, we asked Dr. Schoreda what his thoughts were. He said that myopia is “Nearsightedness which is a decrease in distance vision, which can be a result of extended (time doing) near work”.

He explained that the cause of myopia is “a change of the intraocular lens inside of the eye…” To put into perspective, any change in a certain part (intraocular lens) caused from working close to a screen for long periods of time, the lens will “move towards a more nearsighted posture.”

In addition, Dr. Schoredar explained why he also agrees with what motherboard.vice.com. “The public won’t go blind but  more attention (is) given to (the) increase amount of exposure to ultraviolet rays given off by electronics”.

He believes that the risk higher for myopia  for Ontario High Students are electronics. In his words, the cause of myopia in High School students would be “too much strenuous eye use on cell phones, computers, and gaming devices” He also said that his 17th year old son now has myopia due to “excessive gaming”.

In order to prevent myopia, Dr. Schoredar gave tips on how to avoid myopia. One, give your eyes periodic rest by looking away from the devices, “(if) they are staring at (the screens) for long periods of time. And two, have your eye’s checked every so often.