Have you meet our 2016-2017 Homecoming Court?


Jennifer De Tejada and Sydney Huynh

The 2016-2017 Homecoming dance will come early this year on September 17. The Homecoming court candidate winners from the freshmen to junior classes has been decided. The senior class has, however, not chosen a winning Homecoming pair, but there are many contending for King and Queen.

Both the freshmen and sophomore classes were said to have only princess candidate winners. Jeanette Acosta is the freshmen princess while Connie Rey won for sophomore princess.

Acosta says, “I ran for Homecoming court because my sister and cousins were running and I wanted to keep the tradition. Winning doesn’t mean anything to me but I wanted to see what I was capable of. Running for Homecoming court again is not on my mind right now but maybe in the future. I think the Homecoming theme is very nice and unique.”

Rey explains, “ I wanted to have the experience of running for Homecoming court and seeing how many people would actually vote. Winning means that I actually have people that care about me and want to see me do well. I really like the theme this year. I’m really into that kinda stuff …”

The junior class of 2018 has Homecoming Prince Francis Nguyen and Homecoming Princess Sophia Gonzalez.

Francis Nguyen states, “I ran for Homecoming court for the experience. Winning to me is an honor because I get to represent my junior class (shoutout to the class of 2018). Yes, I might run for homecoming court again with a friend next year. I believe the Homecoming theme is pretty cool this year. ASB worked really hard to plan this year’s Homecoming and I hope everyone enjoys it.”

Sophia Gonzalez expressed, “I have been contemplating to run for Homecoming since freshmen year. I feel that I am very involved in our school and I take pride in it. Winning feels good; I appreciate all the people who took time to vote for me. I also feel like I am doing something right for the school. I love the theme; it’s very classic and feels glamorous. Thank you so much for the people who voted for me.”

The senior class of 2017 has elected five female candidates for Homecoming Queen while there are four candidates for Homecoming King with three male candidates and one female candidate. The Homecoming King and Queen will be announced at the Homecoming football game.

Sam Nieves states, “Running for Homecoming shows my school spirit. I wanted to run again, since I ran once before. I’m happy that student body voted for me. I really love the Homecoming theme this year.”

Diana Amaya comments, “I ran freshmen year and wanted to run again. Winning is cool but not meant for bragging. The theme this year is cute and vintage; I like it.”

Samantha Amador states, “I wanted to have a different experience. Winning means someone who is nice and kind; well liked by your voters; cool to tell her grandma and family.”

Andrea Sandoval answers, “I ran sophomore year and wanted to run again. Winning will make me happy. The Homecoming theme doesn’t matter to me. I would appreciate it if you vote for me.”

Gisselle Infante comments, “I was inspired from the movies. I wanted to try running for Homecoming again. I love the homecoming theme; it’s cute. I encourage people to go to the dance.”

Jose Flores says, “I ran mainly to perform the skit. I ran sophomore and junior year. I also ran because not a lot of guys run for Homecoming. I don’t really care about winning, I ran because it’s for the fun.”

Cesar Gutierrez responds, “My cousin ran my freshmen year and enjoyed the experience. Winning means being able to represent my class. I enjoy the theme; not everyone does a throwback theme.”

Emmanuel (Manny) Ramos mentions, “I joined for the fun of all the events and possibly winning Homecoming King. Nothing personal, it just means more people supported me than I expected. The theme doesn’t really matter to me because people are going to dress up how they want regardless. I’d like to thank everyone who supported me, I love you guys!”

Areli Alanis voices, “I ran for Homecoming court because it seemed like a fun opportunity and out of my comfort zone and that was one of the things I had on my bucket list for the year. In my opinion I have already won, my goal was to be able to give representation to the LGBTQ+ community by running for king to show that everyone is important and that all people matter. I love the Homecoming theme, it’s unique and gives everyone a chance to be really creative.’’