A Vintage Night in Ontario

Abraham Rivera

This 2016-2017 school year opens Homecoming with “A Vintage Night in Hollywood.”

Every year, ASB comes up with a new theme.

“… as a class we have an ASB retreat in Big Bear and begin planning the first half of first semester as a class we share our ideas about the theme and eventually vote for the one we all like,” stated Nepthalye Vargas, ASB president.

This year, however, Homecoming is happening earlier than usual.

“Homecoming is early this year because of the football schedule. We needed to have our Homecoming game correspond to our Homecoming dance and make sure they were close to each other,” said Nepthalye.  She continues, “The work schedule is [always] very busy but now that everything is closer, it’s a lot more rushed so we have a lot to do in little time.”

ASB works hard in order to give us an amazing Homecoming each and every year.