My Teacher did What?: August


Mariana Orozco-Berber, Editor

“There is nothing interesting about me; I am old!” says Mr. Givens. Yet his narratives suggest a rather different story.

It is always the typical story about how horrible high school was with people, or how amazing it was… Givens however says his years were nothing but uninteresting.

As a high school student, English department instructor, Givens, had a job as pizza cook, cutter and server and he was also a very well rounded student while doing so. However he was still a teenager…

“I caught a moving train once,” says Givens. He says he did it “because [he] saw it, and [on top of that] it was moving very slow.”

Given explains how he and a friend caught the moving train, held onto a ladder on the side of the train and rode it for about three to four miles!

Once the train got up to about 35 miles per hour, they jumped off!

People grow up though, and when he left his younger behind, Givens worked at none other than The Los Angeles Times for eight years.

“I was a paper handler,” he says. Once his job was replaced with a robot, his new job was to oversee the trouble codes for the robot.

Although it may seem like a simple job, it was essentially “what allowed me to go to college,” states Givens.

Not only did he have the great opportunity to work at a big newspaper company but he also went on to get a higher education because of it.

Mr. Givens may describe himself as a man without good stories, but get a little familiar with him and you will discover he is full of surprises!