Deadlines, deadlines and more deadlines!


Natalie Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Seniors! It is coming to an end and all things related to college are approaching. There are Financial Student Aid (FAFSA), college applications, personal statements and SAT and ACT scores being mailed. It can be very overwhelming but there is still time and aid from fellow graduates, teachers and programs such as Bright Prospect, AVID and Upward Bound.

If you still have not taken the ACT or want to retake it, the last opportunity to take it is Dec. 4. Former senior Kristen Essien says, “Take practice tests online. I can not say this loud enough. If you are not into reading, start reading a bit more. Build up your lexicon. The ACT is a bit easier for some people, so you should take both.”

Writing personal statements gives students a chance for students to differentiate themselves from the rest of the applicants, so start writing and take the initiative to ask teachers or advisors in charge of AVID, Bright Prospect and Upward Bound to proofread your personal statement. The Career Center is another resource where students can start college applications, FAFSA applications and gather information regarding college.

“Even if you are not in any of those programs you can still go to the career center or ask your friends. Honestly just ask people and never believe you are alone,” says Essien.   

Try to browse websites to help you with the college application process, for example takes you step by step through the process, including filling out personal information and sending AP test scores, SAT scores and ACT scores to colleges.

Do not forget: The last day to apply to CSU and Cal State colleges is Nov. 30.

Sign up for FAFSA by going to Gather the documents such as social security numbers, federal tax forms, information on savings and checking accounts and any records of untaxed income. The deadline for FAFSA applications is March 2.

Form bonds with teachers to acquire genuine recommendation letters. Having well written recommendations adds points to your application by testifying to your work ethic and dedication. Teachers are here to help; ask questions, go to tutoring, and work hard!

Students can also apply for scholarships. There are scholarships for everything. Lately, Mrs. Alanis in the Career Center, has sent information on different types of scholarships through School Loop. Students can earn up to thousands of dollars towards college if they take the time to apply.

Remember to stay focused and work on balancing school and college applications, but make sure you take time for breaks while staying organized to meet all the deadlines.