Behind the Banner


Dafne Vizcarra & Guadalupe Garcia, Staff Writers

“Changing lives and impacting futures,” says our associated student body president, Nepthalye Vargas. With events coming up such as rallies, dances, and games, do we ever stop to think about the minds behind our school spirit and rally set ups? Well luckily, for Ontario High School, we have ASB. This class is full of students who care for not only our school events, but also themselves as a class. They make sure to keep a smile on people’s faces and our school spirit up in order to go JAG CRAZY! “We’re like a family,” says our ASB president Nepthalye Vargas .

ASB is in charge of setting up our dances, such as homecoming and prom, as well as our sporting events like football and soccer. They take over three weeks to set up main events like dances, while only  around a week preparing banners, and promoting these events.

“I love this group it’s an amazing feeling to lead a group who makes such a great impact,” says Vargas. Our ASB President is definitely someone who makes an impact in our school. She helps out in the class as well as leads the amazing group.

“After the rally we take everything down and prepare for our next event and fix mistakes,” says Nepthalye. So we all know after we’re done cheering for our team, or dancing our hearts out on the dance floor, everything must come to an end.

Thanks to our amazing Associated Student Body they’re the ones in charge of making these events happen again and again. Taking everything down, keeping our campus clean, and making sure everyone keeps a smile on their face, so we want to give a special thanks to our whole amazing 2016-2017 Associated Student Body class and the mastermind behind it all, their adviser, Ms.Munoz.