Clubs with no carnival

Megan George, Editor

For the first time in eight years, Ontario High School will not be hosting the beloved Halloween Carnival. This event was a major source of profit for many clubs on campus in past years. With no carnival this year, many clubs will be affected and will have to accommodate for the lost funds.
National Honors Society, NHS, is an organization on campus that used the Halloween Carnival to pay for club members annual dues.
Club president Keven Michel responds to how the club will be affected this year.
“Unfortunately for the club we are deeply disappointed that there is not a carnival this year. Last year we sold baked potatoes that helped raise a good amount of money to help pay for club costs,” states Michel.
Without the carnival, Michel states the clubs look towards other school functions to hopefully turn a profit for this school year.
“We plan to participate in the school’s food fairs and raise money through third party fundraisers.”
Key Club, another club on campus, is faced with the same problem as NHS.
“Key Club participated in the Halloween Carnival because it was a great way to raise money for the club in order to pay for the expenses for DCON.” states club president Michael Nguyen
Even without the carnival, Key Club persists with an early jump start on fundraising for this school year.
“At a division night market where Key Clubs from different schools get together, we decided to sell water at the event and we turned a profit. It was a fun time for everyone who attended. In addition, we hope to raise money through the food fairs here on campus,” says Nguyen.
In regards to the Halloween carnival, ASB President Nepthalye Vargas explains ASB did not decide to host the event, but left the opportunity open to any organization on campus to do so.
While different clubs on campus are out of luck for the carnival this year, many have found different fundraising options to help keep the clubs functioning.