Behind the curtain


Alicia Govea, co-Editor in cChief

An eight year tradition suddenly came to a halt, when the drama department decided not to host the Halloween Maze this year. In place of the carnival, the drama department is presenting the Terror Trilogy; three short plays that showcase on October 20 to October 22.
New drama teacher, Ms. Larson states, “This is my first production directed at Ontario High School, and I’m so excited because I know students are a little sad they are not getting the full scare of the maze this year and I think this is a really happy medium.”
The Terror Trilogy consists of three plays: La Llorona, Frankenstein and the world premiere of White Widow. In addition to the three frightening plays, Larson explains during intermission there will be actors scaring the audience.
Larson explains the Terror Trilogy was inspired from advanced drama students and stage technology students’ submissions of their dream productions; in the end they came up with the Terror Trilogy along with many great shows planned ahead.
Auditions began early September, and the cast was announced the week after. Rehearsal officially began on September 26 and will continue until the showcase.
The cast includes over 60 students. Larson says was very important to her to incorporate many of her students.
Senior Ivan Villapando who will star as Victor Frankenstein in Frankenstein and was involved in the maze in previous years states, “You’ll still be scared and in the show there will be creepy elements to freak people out, so I basically will still be scaring people.”
The Terror Trilogy is in production due to not only drama students’ efforts but theater tech and other students; freshman Teagan Arnold explains she is in charge of makeup and hair design for many of the lead actors.
“[Students] can expect to be very impressed; we spent a lot of time and we’re devoting every day that we have by coming and making this worth it.” says Arnold.
Senior Angel Roa who will star as the Padre and the tailor in La Llorona, explains he is very excited for everything because it is so different.
Roa, a four year drama student, says he is sad that they are not putting on the maze but states, “People didn’t act [well] enough for the maze so we can’t put something on that they are not willing to act for.”
As for the scarers, Roa explained that much of that is kept a secret. Larson also said they will keep the audience on their toes.
The Terror Trilogy is the first production of the school year and tickets are currently on sale for $5, and will be $8 at the door. Do not miss out on their performance that will be sure to scare you out of your chair!