My Teacher Did What?: October

Mariana Orozco-Berber, Editor

Looking at Mr. Marquez, one of the many Spanish Teachers, it is easy to see a genial man with a vibrant personality. However there is more to him than that.
“Every summer I used to travel all the way to Guatemala with my dad,” says Marquez.
He took a 3,000 mile trip, that lasted nine days, to his home country.
Aside from Guatemala, Marquez visited parts of the European continent when travelling abroad as a college student.
He originally visited Spain, since he had the aspirations of becoming an Spanish Teacher, and lived there for educational purposes; however, he was able to travel to many of the other countries by train.
Marquez always knew he wanted to have a career where he was constantly interacting with people or more specifically, kids. As a result, he took a job as a recreational leader in a foster care home.
“It was interesting because I got a sense of what they went through and I learned from their experiences,” he says.
Marquez interprets his job as just having fun with kids and connecting with them to give them love and support that perhaps they did not previously have.
As a high school student, he claims to have had what could be described as one of his favorite jobs.
“I worked at the Pomona Fair for two weeks,” explains Marquez.
His job was to eat the different foods from the fair and then write a review about it; the main perk being free food.
“My friends would see me in line at the fair and they would ask me, ‘What are you doing here?’ and I’d say, ‘I’m working.’ Then I’d tell them what I did and they never believed me; it was too good to be true,” mentions Marquez.
He was also involved in sports throughout high school. He normally played soccer, however, he also managed to get a spot on the football team.
“I was the kicker for the football team; I just kicked it and tried to get away because I didn’t want to get hit,” says Marquez.
His proudest moment as a teenager was being able to graduate high school and having his father for support.
However as an adult, he describes his proudest moment as the one where he became a teacher at Ontario High School.
Marquez states, “I’ve been teaching here for a long time and also my daughter went here; she came back as an English teacher.”
Because this school has seen him grow, and he has seen himself as well as his daughter grow here, Marquez describes being an OHS staff member to be one of the greatest aspects of his career.