School Rivalry


Piper Poompuang, Staff Writer

Having a school rival has been a school tradition for many years. School rivals compete through sports and academics with schools that are closeby and are in the same district.
Many students at Ontario High School do not know who their school rival is. Chaffey High School is known as Ontario’s rival due to distance and similarities in their mascots, but many students believe that it is actually Montclair High School.
CHS is 3.8 miles away from OHS while MHS is 4.5 miles away in distance. Ontario’s mascot is a jaguar and Chaffey’s mascot is a tiger; Montclair’s mascot is a Cavalier.
“The middle schools split the students to go to Montclair and Ontario” said Junior, Emely Hernandez.
A majority of students from OHS came from Oaks Middle School while the rest came from De Anza Middle School. Students who came from Oaks Middle School had the choice to go to either Montclair or Ontario High School while students from De Anza Middle School had the choice to go to either Colony or Ontario High School.
Some students say that school rivalry depends on the sport: our football and tennis rival is Montclair, our volleyball rival is Colony, and our cross country rival is Alta Loma.
On the day of the Ontario vs Colony volleyball game, ASB held a lunch rally to get the students hyped. The band and cheerleaders performed and the volleyball team participated in a fun game.
During football season, more students are eager to see an Ontario vs Montclair game rather than an Ontario vs Chaffey game.
People refer to the Ontario vs Chaffey football game as the “Cat Bowl” due to the similarities in mascots. This is often a big game for Ontario, but the students are less eager to see it.
When it is time for the annual Ontario vs Montclair football game, also referred to as the “Beef Bowl”, students become hyped. Word gets around about how Ontario’s football team will “definitely” beat Montclair that year. More posters are made and there are often lunch events the day of the game to get the students more hyped.
Having a school rival has been an important thing for many years and many students at OHS are still confused about who it is.