Tricks or Tradition


Sara Crespo, Staff Writer

Every year on October 31st the streets are filled with kids in costumes and houses are covered in decor.
Jack ‘o lanterns and skulls on porches and spiderwebs covering homes; what does it all mean? Why do the Halloween festivities take place every year?
An old Irish legend says the carving activity did not originate with pumpkins, but with turnips. They would carve faces and put a candle in them to ward off evil spirits on All Hallows Eve. Later, it was brought to America and used on pumpkins.
Skulls and skeletons come out of the shadows on the 31st to help remind people of death and the afterlife. These symbols are represented similarly in other cultures as well.
November 1st is Dia de los Muertos, a celebration in most Latin American countries. Dia de los Muertos presents skulls in more beautiful ways using them to celebrate all those who have been lost.
Halloween night can be the night you dress up and be anyone you want to be. The idea originated from the Irish as well who believed all of the deceased, demons, and witches came out on this night. The people would leave them treats to honor their presence; it came later that people began costuming as them to get treats too.
Whether you decorate or dress up this Halloween, always remember it is a night of remembrance for who we have lost and a night full of exciting festivities!