A day in the life of Kimberly


Kimberly named her double chin Pablo.

Guadalupe Garcia, Staff Writer

Kimberly Quintero Lopez is a fourteen year old girl attending Ontario High. You may see her walking around school and not think much, but behind what you see is a different story. You might think of this girl just another student, but she has a lot on her plate.
Kimberly is involved in many different activities both in and out of school. At school, she is a member of the dance and water polo teams. Outside of school, she participates in a group called Advocates for Healthy Life and the Teen Action Committee, in which she contributes to the community by volunteering around the city. She also sings, acts, and dances in a group called Theatre Troops.
While her schedule is full she has found a way to do it all. “When it comes to school and homework I try to find time in between classes or at lunch. I do have after school practices for water polo, so after practice I will most likely do my homework when I have the time at home.”
Although Kimberly has a very busy schedule she says, “When I have free time I like to dance because I love dancing, if not, I’ll most likely help around the house and sometimes babysit.”
“Being involved in so many activities in school and outside definitely is a struggle, with getting time to eat and do homework. Sometimes I definitely become sleep deprived for a while, but at the end it’s really good to be very oriented with your school,” Kimberly states.
Despite the fact that it might be difficult for her to stay focused she does it all for a reason, “I’m involved because it looks good on resumes for work applications and also to get into a good college ; it’s good to be well-oriented with the community.”
Her busy schedule never gets in her way, and keeping up with everything can be a struggle, but Kimberly finds ways to get through it by staying positive. “One piece of advice that I’d like to give is to really enjoy life right now because the next four years of your life, you’re never going to get back, so really just enjoy it. Don’t stress over anything because at the end of the day it’s not really worth it, it’s worth really having fun and enjoying your high school year,” she advises.