Horror Over 100 Years


Le Manoir du diable, was the first horror film made in France.

Michael Elebe-Amudoaghan, Staff Writer

Horror is one of America’s top genre in movies, books and etc. In 1896, a man named George Melies released the first ever known horror film to mankind called Le Manoir du diable. In English it means, “The House of the Devil”.
The formation of the horror film genre came from gothic writers such as the famous, Edgar Allan Poe. Their writing, which included symbols of ghosts, and incarnations of the devil, helped form this crazy idea to put the scare into film because the genre was popular in literature at the time, therefore making it a perfect addition. After the first horror film was made, more horror films came after, each with an advanced way to scare.
As the years went on more scares were added to horror films, such as alien invasions and deadly mutations. Then with advances in technology, “talkies” or sound films were made in the late 1920s. In fact the first talkie made was called The Jazz Singer .This black and white film was made in Paris and was the first sound film ever shown. After the first “talkies” were made, more and more movies began to introduce sounds in them.
Thirty years later, Terence Fisher created the first horror film in color. This movie was called The Curse of Frankenstein which was a sequel of Dracula. Since this was the first scare in color it was popular and critics called it“outstanding”.
Then, with more advances in technology and with the development of horror in more countries, better sound, was developed along with brighter and more attractive cinematography. Ratings were eventually added, making “horror” a legitimate genre, and after 100 years of constant change, horror films have become one of America’s top film genre’s.