Grade A student


Edgar Briceño in the eighth grade at De Anza Middle school won Rotary Student of the month.

Michelle Nunez, Staff Writer

Balancing academics and athletics can be challenging at times, but even more so for a freshman. Freshman Edgar Briceño athlete, honor student, and friend talks about how he manages his school life and social life.
Briceño, a soccer player, says, “It all started in the sixth grade when my friends encouraged me to play [soccer] with them every day.”
“I tried to become better, so I practiced it every day, and I felt happy every time I played and so I just fell in love with it” says Briceño
His strategy for balancing academics and athletics is based on priorities, “I finish all my homework first, everything I need to do for school and then I play soccer…school first.”
Going to college is a dream for many and is definitely one thing on Edgar’s bucket list. Although he does not know where he would like to study just yet, Briceño claims that his aspirations in life are to become, ”…a professional soccer player, and then I want to be an architect, and an engineer.” This teen has big dreams!
Carlos Cerda, a close friend of Edgar’s, states, “Edgar is like the brother I [have] always wanted. He is the best friend you can ever have.”
Another close friend, Jesus Gallo, also sees value in having Edgar as a friend.
“Edgar is the person you could express your feelings to and would listen to anything,” explains Gallo.
Although Edgar does not participate in any extra curricular activities at school, he has confirmed that he will be trying out for the OHS boys soccer team. We look forward to seeing him out on the field bringing home many wins.