The Clowns are in Town


A fear of clowns may manifest in young children just learning to recognize human features. Clowns possess abnormally large noses, ears, hands and feet.

Viridiana Salgado, Staff Writer

Recently, clown sightings have been surfacing on social media. The first incident occurred on August 29th at the Fleetwood Manor Apartments in Greenville County, South Carolina; witnesses claimed to have seen a person wearing a clown costume lurking around the apartments and trying to convince children to go into the woods.
On September 15, at Escambia County High School and Flomaton High School, a lockdown ensued after Facebook user, “Flomo Klown” threatened the students.
Many incidents followed after, escalating in severity. User “Aint Clownin Around,” on Facebook, made a post directed towards both students and teachers at Westside High School in Houston, Texas on September 30th, stating “We will be at all high schools [in Houston] this Friday to either kidnap students or kill teachers going to the[ir]y cars … #WeNotClowninAround”.
However. not all clowns have such malicious intentions. Professional entertainer, Trixi the Clown, says that even with all these horrific clown sightings, she has not been seen in a darker light from her customers. She described herself as a “nice” clown. Although that may be the case for some clowns, others are dealing with the consequences of negative publicity.
An event planned by Shelly Gutierrez, called the Clown Lives Matter March, took a defensive stance, supporting everyday party clowns, in response to the recent infamous clown sightings.
“This is a peaceful walk to show [that] clowns are not psycho killers, we want the public to feel safe, and not be afraid,” a flier advertising the event read.
On October 12, “Nikki Sinn,” Gutierrez’s Facebook name, announced the event’s cancellation due to death threats. She writes, “With the numerous death threats and harassment, it’s sad to say we have canceled what was supposed to be a fun peaceful walk,” she then describes, “the group of people that have bombarded the event page with harassing posts and personal information will be reported to the authorities.”
While the violence of malicious clowns has slowly dialed down, the safety concern for professional clowns remains.