To meme or not to meme

Pamela Carlin & Raymond Godina , Staff Writers

Memes are something most people don’t know much about. Other than making people laugh. These types of ideas are Memes, a behavior or style that spreads from person to person, they are captioned photos or videos that are intended to be funny. What people don’t ask, is the history behind memes: How was the meme created? Who created it?
Memes could be traced back to Richards Dawkin’s book in 1976 called “The Selfish Gene.”. The book defined the word meme as an idea to spread around to other people in a culture.
In the 1993 issue of Wired, Mike Godwin introduced the first Internet meme. To be specific, an Internet meme is a concept that spreads through the internet. An Internet meme is usually displayed such as: an image, a video, hyperlink, an advertisement, and or a website.
In 2013, Richard Dawkins characterized an Internet meme as a meme “deliberately altered by human creativity” and just a “hijacking of the original idea” evolved into a new direction.
Internet memes have been in active circulation for decades; therefore, it is difficult or if not impossible to tell what meme was the first to be created.
Internet memes can leave a big impact and grow rapidly worldwide in just a few days. However, memes are not only used for entertainment. Using memes for marketing is called memetic marketing. Companies have started using memes to advertise. For example, Anthony Rubio, an advocate for pet adoption, posted a picture of a business card saying “Adopt me, Maybe?”. This references the song “Call Me Maybe” , by Carly Rae Jepsen’s.
Most memes are creative and funny, but sometimes those properties won’t help. Memes can only stay the same, but sometimes they are upgraded. Most memes die fairly quickly unless it has a very unique idea behind it. A good way for a meme to keep surviving is to collaborate with another meme so both of them could be at a level of survivability. For example, in today’s politics there are many memes of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton individually, but to keep those memes trending people created memes of both candidates in one image.
Memes have been around for a very long time now and it seems that they won’t go anywhere anytime soon. Even though a meme may die out really quickly, the word “meme” has made a big impact since 2013.