Original Ontario: IOOF

David Dang & Orlando Mayorquin, Editors

“Every good fellow be an odd fellow”. Like the mysterious Freemasons, the Independent Order of Odd Fellows or IOOF is another secret society that exists in Ontario and, as such, have their very own lodge.
Located on 112 West “B” Street, the IOOF’s lodge was a four story building built in 1922. The building was built using what was called “the Commercial Style,” a popular form of architecture which took inspiration from “Queen Anne and shingles styles. “This meant that the lodge emulated the look of 18th century American colonial housing.
The building still stands today as one of the oldest buildings ever built in Ontario and is still used by members of the IOOF.
The society’s philosophy is based on the ideals of brotherly love and kindness towards others. In fact, their emblem, known as the “Three Link Emblem”, illustrates three chains with the letters F, L, and T; each standing for Friendship, Love, and Truth. In addition, their official mission statement reads “The Odd Fellows…are striving to make the world a better place in which to live, seeking To Improve and Elevate, the Character of Mankind.”
This fraternity originated in London, England and eventually made it’s way to the United States. Notable members include Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the 32nd president of the United States, and Charlie Chaplin.