Bee Careful


Guadalupe Garcia, Staff Writer

You’re eating your bean and cheese burrito at your lunch table talking, with your friends and you hear a sudden buzz in the distance. Your first instinct might be to get away or tell your friends, but for others it might be to kill the bee, which won’t get rid of the problem.
Lately bees have been all around our campus, especially at our lunch tables, but killing them isn’t be a very good idea.
Bees are attracted to the scent of the Queen Bee. This results from bees that have previously made contact with the queen, who can attract other bees both dead or alive.
You may be thinking that bees are only useful for making honey, and while this is very important, they are more capable than you think. Bees pollinate our favorite fruits and vegetables. So a decline in the bee population could result in a decline in the supply of your favorite foods.
Bees are known to be one of the most important species in the world because they are critical pollinators along with hummingbirds, butterflies and etc.
Out of all of the different types of bees around the world, the number of ones left are quickly decreasing and heading towards extinction. This is affecting the way the food chain is working. Soon, the reduction of bees may affect the human population.
Getting stung by a bee might be painful, but killing it is also not a great solution, it may cause more damage to us then it will to them, so next time there’s a bee in sight, you might want to think twice.