Tips for last minute shoppers


“The happiest days of the year are spent with the people you love and there should be no last minute shopping.” states Isabel Cruz

Michelle Nunez, Staff Writer

Its that time of year again! Christmas lights, hot chocolate, classic Christmas movies, and well… Christmas! There are those who have mastered the art of procrastination and have pushed Christmas shopping back to 5 days before Christmas, here are a few tips from OHS students and staff to make Christmas shopping just a little bit easier.
Number one, have an idea of what you are going to buy before you leave the house. That way you know what you are going to buy and come back out of the store without a hassle.
Number two, online shopping is the easiest if you do not want to go out and fight other people for what you want to buy. On the other hand there are a few advantages of online shopping, like you can have your gift pre-wrapped as well as next day shipping.
Number three, get them a gift card for a specific store they enjoy going to or a visa card in which they can go to any store and buy what they know they want because what is more awkward than finding out they hated the gift you gave them!
Number four, make them a gift, give them something only they would have a real understanding of such as an inside joke. This gift is very sweet and shows a strong bond between two people.
Number five, get to the store when it opens right away, so it is not too busy. Doing this will help when picking out a gift because you get first dibs on the good things that are being restocked.
Number six, this may seem a bit odd but if you are shopping for a friend and have agreed to give exchange presents after Christmas, then buying gifts after Christmas can save you a lot of money due to all of the great deals that happen after the holidays.
Number seven, Don’t do it! Do not procrastinate and shop last minute. Go shopping as soon as possible to avoid a stressful holiday season.