My Teacher Did What? December

Mariana Orozco-Berber, Editor

Ontario High School’s very own Foods instructor, Ms. Higgins bakes and reads as well, but away from that awaits a person with an urge for adventure.
As a 14 year old, Higgins worked a job at a dog kennel over the holidays in her hometown of Hershey, Pennsylvania.
“It was a doggie daycare and I could ride my bike there. I worked there my whole way through college; I was with them for eight years on holidays and Christmas vacations,” says Higgins.
As a high school student, Higgins was heavily involved in sports; she claims she was better off having something to do so she would not get bored.
“I played lacrosse, volleyball and field hockey. My family was always very sports oriented. We were always very active and doing everything,” explains Higgins.
Despite the variety of athletic activities, Higgins says she never had a major injury; although, she says she was once “nailed in the face with a field hockey ball.”
As a 20 year old, Higgins says that she and her best friend once traveled the Appalachian trail alone.
“My best friend and I hiked through the Appalachian trail, just two girls. My dad dropped us off and then picked us up 90 miles north a week later.”
Higgins moved to West Virginia after college where she had a job as a Whitewater Raft Guide.
“I navigated a raft full of people who had never been down the river before. I steered them and directed them and told them what to do and when to do it,” says Higgins.
A couple years later she moved back to Pennsylvania and then to California earlier this year.
“In doing so, [moving to California] I spent a month camping and traveling across the country,” says Higgins.
She traveled with a couple of friends and the entire trip was made with a copy of the National Geographic Atlas of the United States with GPS usage limited; they only used it in the cities.
“Everywhere was different. You would end up in a new town and see how drastically different the whole culture can be. It can look the same as the town that you live in and it can have the same population, but it was a different state, different environment.”
Throughout her life in the outdoors, Higgins claims to have encountered multiple bears and even a mountain lion, which is “a lot scarier than a bear.”
“I can be really boring too. I really like to read books and bake cookies and things like that,” Higgins claims, however growing up with her dad encouraged her to be more of an outdoors person with a confident attitude.