Mock Election


Orlando Mayorquin, Co-Editor in Chief

When millions of Americans nationwide turned out at polling stations last month, Ontario High School students also had this opportunity as the school held its first ever mock election.
World history teacher Mrs. Cortez-Hernandez came up with the idea of holding a mock election.
“ About mid-October I had this idea of ‘why don’t we do a school-wide election’ and my two classes were very receptive about it. So we made committees… we took almost a month putting all of this together.”
Cortez-Hernandez emphasized the importance of encouraging high schoolers.
“It’s all about creating future voters and giving the student the opportunity to have this real world experience”
The mock polling station effectively emulated its real world counterpart, having its own private booth, voter rosters, and the signature “I voted” stickers.
Actual voters who showed up at Ontario High School to vote frequently mistook the student-run mock polling station for the real one that was located in the career center.
Over 500 students turned out at the polls to vote in the mock election
“We were all really proud of all the O-High students that came out. It was a really a testament to the idea that students do want to have their voice heard and when given the opportunity, they will participate.”
Cortez-Hernandez and her class were recently recognized by Guatemalan-American Congresswoman Norma Torres for their efforts in organizing the mock election.