Dream Team

Alicia Govea, Co-Editor in Chief

Five years ago at Ontario High Dream Team was introduced to our student body. Dream Team is a club where students work together to make the dreams of special needs students on campus come true.
Students in Dream team also host other events to have special needs students participate in everyday activities. Towards the end of the academic school year Dream Team also helps with the special needs prom.
Dream Team asks the students to write down what their dreams are, list them out and vote on what dreams to work on first. Unfortunately it is almost impossible to make every dream come true in the school year, but the members try next year to make those dreams come true.
“I joined my freshman year because I have a brother who is special needs and he taught me that growing up with challenges that not every person faces can be very difficult. Providing a support system and being there for others makes the biggest difference.” says senior Andrew Naranjo.
Every Tuesday in room 14 Dream Team meets with president Andrew Naranjo and vice president Jordan Hensley. The current advisor of the club is Spanish teacher Mr. Enrique Marquez.
Make difference in a student’s life today and join Dream Team!