Switch it up


Adam George & Juan Govea , Staff Writers

On March 3rd, 2017, Nintendo plans to release their brand new Nintendo Switch entertainment system. The Nintendo Switch will first launch in the US, Japan, parts of Europe including the UK, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong and several other countries with an estimated price $299.
Nintendo has produced many old and modern versions of the Nintendo, jumping back all the way to 1985, when the first NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) was released.
Since then, the technology has become more and more advanced leading to the release of the brand new Nintendo Switch that will be available in early Spring.
Nintendo has advanced in its technical capabilities over time and is continuing to improve in the quality of their systems. Compared to old Nintendo systems, According to TechRadar.com, a website that releases gaming news the Nintendo Switch is full of new and exciting features such as detachable handles and a split d-pad that were not available to players with older NES systems.
We have seen the classic NES and the modern consoles of the Wii and Wii U, but now, that same company has brought us a console that has marked a new generation of consoles for that company.