Auto goes to state


Joseph Gonzales, Staff Writer

Ontario High School’s auto program is going to the state championship for the third consecutive year. They will be traveling to San Diego, Ca for the competition in April.
[Mr. Lewis, auto teacher at Ontario High for the past four years says,] “Overall [I feel] real proud of my students, all of my student’s, for all they have done.”
There are four intro students and four advanced student, eight all together, who made it into state competition.
Mr. Lewis’ past experience as an auto mechanic for 15 years has lead him to where he is today. “It’s been a challenge for me, but we came in on weekends, pulled through for the competition.”
He is very proud of his students, for all the hard work and dedication that they have put into this competition.
“The Auto shop program is an amazing program for students to join, it teaches all of them life skills, and how to fix cars, because we’re all going to have or drive a car one day. Cars are apart of our everyday life” says Lewis
He encourages all students to come down to the shop to see what the class is all about.
The cars that students work on are donated by major car manufacturers. GM, BMW, Buick and Volkswagen .
All cars that are only donated to schools that are State Certified “Auto Tech” certified. We send our thanks to all of the corporations that contribute to our school.
We are very proud of our Fellow Jags, let’s wish them luck at the State Championship in April.