Stan the man


Aryana Carino & Orlando Mayorquin, Editor & Co-Editor in chief

Stan Lesmeister is a dutchman from the Netherlands who made his way to Ontario High School to finish his senior year. He lives with fellow jag seniors Austin Prieto and Stefano Scarscini, who is also an exchange student from Italy.
Lesmeister says they have really helped him settle into his new school. “I have made a lot of my friends because of my host brothers Austin and Stefano.” Lesmeister loves his home away from home and has formed a close bond with his two brothers, “I like my home, but my brothers bully me every day and they make videos of them throwing corn dogs at me on snapchat. I like my home and host parents, but I prefer other host brothers.” Lesmeister said jokingly.
This visit is Lesmeister’s first time in California and his expectations were high, “I thought it would be fun, but I also thought there would be more parties like in the movies.” He also loves California’s fast food, Lesmeister said “My favorite thing about America is In N Out or tacos. I love tacos. Burritos are also pretty good, and nachos, and carne asada.”
As for the high school environment in America, his predictions were spot on, “I thought there would be a lot of different sports, and there are, so that’s kind of true” said Lesmeister. His favorite on campus activity is attending soccer games to support his host brother Stefano, “I like to watch the soccer games and sometimes I watch the water polo games also.”
His favorite thing about The “O” though are the people, Lesmeister said “There are a lot of really nice people at Ontario.”
Mr. Gonzalez is Lesmeister’s new favorite teacher at Ontario, he said “He is funny and the anatomy class is fun.”
At the beginning of second semester, Lesmeister was placed into choir at OHS, but decided to switch out of the class, he said “I can’t sing, so instead I have no sixth period now.” Initially, he was interested in joining our boys soccer team, however, due to communication issues with his previous school back home, he was unable to.
Lesmeister would also like to tell all of our readers to follow him on Instagram @stann0481.