Review: Seussical the Musical


Mariana Orozco-Berber, Editor

The Dr. Seuss inspired Seussical the Musical premiered on Thursday Feb. 23 at Ontario High School. Needless to say, OHS theater students have exceeded expectations and delivered yet another successful presentation.
The story is a cross-over of Dr. Seuss classics such as Horton Hears a Who, The Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham, How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Butter Side-Up, and revolves around Horton, played by Senior Therek Romo, and Jojo, played by Joey Rice, a young boy from Ms. Larson’s outside-of-school theater class.
Both Romo and Rice delivered stellar performances as they wonderfully captured the essence of the characters they portrayed.
Romo himself delivered and impressive musical performance.
Romo and Rice presented a stupendous rendition of the song “Alone in the Universe” as a duet as they stayed on key and sang cohesively.
Junior Andrew Provencio, as Cat from The Cat in the Hat, portrayed the spontaneous, troublesome as well as comical aspects of the original Seuss character. He was charismatic as well as engaging and brought the true essence of the character to the OHS stage.
In the play, Provencio and Rice shared the spotlight several times; with their charisma as well as the nature of their responses, this dynamic duo without a doubt delivered one of the best acts of the entire show.
Other great duos included Daisy Nava-Virelas and Charlotte Gallhager as the Sour Kangaroo and the Young Kangaroo, respectively. They too managed to capture the cheekiness of the original Seuss characters and successfully mimicked the chemistry between a mother and her child.
And we cannot forget the amazing performance by the triad of Wickersham Brothers. Isaías Cedillos, Martin Vasquez and Michael Paz produced a comical, modern yet traditional rendition of “bad boys.” The Three were dressed as greasers yet portrayed the Wickersham Brothers quite accurately.
Both Emily Ornelas and Ashley Munoz as Gertrude McFuzz, the one-feather bird in love with Horton, and Mayzie “The Amazing” LaBird (respectively) charmed the audience with their natural portrayal of the characters.
Ornelas successfully played her role as a sad bird and managed to evoke sympathy from the audience. Munoz definitely sold the character as the extroverted, daring and fun Mayzie Labird.
It was a shame Ricardo Valadez as the Grinch and Susana Gonzalez as Cindy Lou Who were not seen much throughout the play, as they are iconic Seuss characters but the musical proved a huge success.
Drama and Choir along with the fantastic, eye catching set that beautifully resembled Seuss’ Whoville, definitely complimented each other on this one.
Props to drama teacher, Ms. Larson, and choir teacher, Mrs. Krauss for spearheading this project as well for the 60+ crew composed of OHS students along with two younger children from Larson’s theater class for delivering a compelling, intriguing and engaging performance for OHS student and families.