Going for the Gold

Noemi Chaves, Staff Writer

After the 2008 Olympics games in Beijing, China; softball was removed from the games but as of August 3, 2016, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) voted softball back in for the 2020 Olympics that will take place in Tokyo, Japan.

The drop was was set in place for the 2012 London games because international sports officials felt it was too “American” for the world sports stage and it was voted out of the Olympics at a secret meeting in Singapore.

Alternate sports included: golf, rugby, squash, karate and roller sports, but none were accepted. Softball had been in the games four times: Columbus, Georgia; Sydney, Australia; Athens, Greece; and Beijing, China.

“I think it would give the young softball players around the world something to work towards, and it 

would push these young players to strive to represent their country,” states two-time Olympic gold medalist, Crystl Bustos.

At the 2020 Olympics, Team U.S.A. will be compete against 13 other nations: Australia, Canada, China, Chinese Taipei, Cuba, Greece, Japan, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela.

Bustos emphasizes how important it is to the softball world.

“It will help bring softball to the form that it belongs. On the main stage,” she says.

“I feel like it would really open up opportunities for us young female athletes trying to go somewhere and represent our beautiful country”, states varsity softball player Camila Larrañaga.

Bustos also left advice for young female athletes… “Work hard on your skills, master your craft. It is the ones who pay attention to the details, the little things that will represent our country. The ones who work outside the box.”

2020 Olympics, we are going for the gold.