8th Annual “Dig Pink” game

Jasmin Avila, Staff writer

On August 18th, 2017 the Varsity Volleyball team held their annual “Dig Pink” game to raise awareness for Breast Cancer.

As the game began, each team was introduced along with two special guests; Ms.Knox and Barbara Jo Kirshbaum. Ms.Knox  works at Ontario High School and is currently fighting breast cancer and Barbara Jo Kirschbaum who walks to raise money for breast cancer.

Ms.Knox was also asked to serve a ball over the net and as the ball flew over the net, the crowd cheered her on for a second serve. Shortly after, the game began and the Varsity team and the Alumni settled their differences on the court. The alumni won the first game, with a score of 25-20. Throughout the course of the night, the two teams played a total of four games, each one more intense than the last.

Between each game prizes were raffled off such as Starbucks and In N’ Out gift cards. At the end of the night the two teams tied with Varsity winning two games and Alumni winning two as well.

This year, Dig Pink tickets cost 3 dollars, pre-sale, and 5 dollars at the door. The money raised proceeds to Breast cancer research, to “The Avon Walk.” The Avon Walk allows both men and women to walk 39.3 miles and asks for participants to raise a minimum of $1,800, which goes toward helping those who have breast cancer.