Dogs have a positive impact on people


Joseph Gonzales, Advertising & Public Relations Director

Most people would say that dogs are man’s best friend.

Every day we go home and one of the first things we see is our dog waiting for us. After a bad day a pet tends to make life better. Dogs are always ready to show us all the love a dog could show.

“My dog Hanna has always been there for me no matter what, when I’m in my feels she’s right there to make me feel like she will always love me,” says senior, Mona Ochoa.

Some people would go as far as trusting their dogs with their deepest secrets.  

“I can tell my dog anything and she won’t judge me or make me feel any less, shes there for me no matter what,” says Ochoa.

Some people have their dogs for a lifetime and after a few years start to consider them part of the family. They love them, and care for them, especislly when they are sick.

Mrs Ousley, Ontario High School work experience director, has two dogs: Meme and Tary.

“Meme is a golden retriever. I’ve had her for about 11 years, and Tary is a terrier, I’ve had her for 6 years,” he says.

Although some dislike dogs, dogs change lives. They help people find love and compassion that cannot be found anywhere else.

“My dogs changed my life by, they just make me appreciate the little things in life, like when I’m so busy with work or everyday life, I feel like that’s the number one thing is that no matter what they show me unconditional love no matter how I feel, they are always there for me” saysOusley.