Sadie’s, Highlight the Night, may be canceled


Mariana Orozco-Berber, Co-editor in chief

The possibility of the traditional Sadie’s dance at Ontario High School being canceled has arisen once again.

Typically, The Associated Student Body is required to sell a specific amount of tickets during pre-sale. For Sadie’s, that number was set at 100 tickets. Currently, they have sold between 20 and 30 tickets.

For homecoming, ASB member Angie Flores estimates they sold about 700 tickets during pre-sale.

Last year, the anticipated Kingsball was canceled due to low-ticket sells as well. Many believed the low-ticket sells were a result of promoting a dance no one really wanted, and some complained about Kingsball being more expensive than the traditional Sadie’s. However, this year when ASB decided to host Sadie’s, people do not seem interested, despite the fact that ticket prices are rather low.

In previous years, Sadie’s has always been somewhat of a success. The past two years, however, students have displayed little interest in a semi-formal/casual dance.

If ticket sells for the dance do not increase by the end of the week, Sadie’s will be canceled and the chances that ASB decides to host another dance in between homecoming and prom are rather slim.

Because the student store will be closed until Monday January 29, ASB members will sell Sadie’s tickets in the quad during lunch. Have a signed dance form along with your ID available.