Recyclable Christmas Trees?


Emely Hernandez, Editor

Once the holidays are over and the new year rolls in, decorations come down and artificial trees go back in their boxing and collect dust until the next holiday season. However, christmas trees from lots and farms are a different problem because of their wilting.

According to the Green Waste of the City of Ontario, they will take care of disposing all christmas trees as long as they are free of decorations, nails, and of stands.

How the procedure works is to simply place the tree by trash containers at the curb by 6 A.M., depending on every resident’s collection day. Trees do not have to be cut into pieces and can be left as a whole on the curb.  It will still be recycled as long as it follows the previous requirements.

Keep in mind that flocked trees cannot be recycled and need to be picked up at a different schedule. Also, this service will last for a limited time where it is only offered during the first two weeks of January. This year this service is offered from January 1st through January 12th.