Creating a new you in a new year


Carla Balvaneda, Editor

Every year, many people decide to create new versions of themselves. These people are often unsatisfied with their current lifestyle and habits. However, people tend to fail in achieving their goals.

One of the greatest mistakes people make is trying to change their entire life in a matter of days. It is important to recognize that results require time. One cannot expect to lose fifteen pounds after a couple of weeks at the gym and numerous cheat days.

People tend to overwhelm themselves with false expectations. It is normal to expect rapid results, but realistically speaking, change cannot be expected if the work is not done.

In order to take on the new year effectively, learn to slowly transition into new habits. Also, rather than becoming a ‘new you,’ simply focus on one goal at a time.

If you are trying to procrastinate less, go to the gym daily, and improve your social life all at the same time, well, the probability you will succeed is very low. Pick the one that requires the most patience as, with the start of the new year, people tend to be more willing to commit.

Commit to your goal for at least 30 days. No matter how difficult it becomes or how desperately you feel like quitting, do not. For many, it is a tendency to care more about others than themselves; however, focus on you. Take some time, dedicate it towards becoming a better version of yourself and remember to not do it with the intention of pleasing others.

Sometimes it can be helpful to not have to do things alone, get out there and find a partner! Don’t have friends? Great, maybe your resolution can be to make some. Seriously, having someone to motivate you and suffer with you as you really want the cheeseburger, but know you cannot have it can be relieving.

“[New year’s resolutions] work for a couple of months then I break it,” says senior Aliyah Hermosillo.

Hermosillo stated that in order for her to achieve her goal, she must really “push through” and have a set mindset.

Take it slow and believe in yourself. With patience and determination, people can actually follow through with their goals.

“New year new me” is just a way of saying that you’re leaving all the bad things from the year behind…New year’s resolutions give you the opportunity to look back on what you want to do differently,” says senior Sky White.

“At one point I was truly working on finding my inner peace like with meditating and working out and just trying to make the nest out of things, but that was a few years ago. My new year’s resolution was to be happy and it was true for a bit,” says White regarding a time she fulfilled a resolution.

Step out of your comfort zone and get inspired to accomplish what you never thought you could. Start off the new year by reminiscing on your mistakes and learn from them to move towards finding that better version of yourself.