Editorial: Changing Times


Emely Hernandez, Editor

Today’s political climate in America consists of polarizing stances, one where compromise may not seem possible or an option. Tension is persistently there and it is due to an era of change that is happening.

Topics such as where we stand on same-sex marriage, bans at airports, immigrants, abortion, safe spaces, transgender soldiers, the first amendment, gun control, and the significance of our nation’s flag are being wrestled with.

Such sensitive topics need to be dealt with logically and to fit the needs if the American people while continuing to provide the civil liberties that everyone is entitled to, according to the Constitution.

Topics such as transgender soldiers and same-sex marriage are “new” and standards need to be set, because there is no reference point to look back on.

Events such as violent shootings in public areas, and question of whether to declare war also and brings up the question whether of changes might need to take place. Recent shootings at schools and public areas have highlighted the issue of gun control and whether procedures like background checks are legitimate and serve their intended purpose. Such massacres create a turmoil of emotions that can also affect making the best decisions for Americans.

Emotions such as fear, sadness, anger, hate, and even pride can impact how choices are made. Emotion cannot be a factor of making a decision, especially if deals with a sensitive topic where there are two completely different points of view.

Although America is confronting old and new issues on the political agenda, there is still hope that we can move forward, and away from tension. There is hope that we will eventually live in a society where we are balanced, where we are not prejudiced, where we understand each other, and where we can continue to prosper, where we will always be filled with pride and say, “America is my country.”