85 Bakery Cafe

Leyna Nguyen, Staff Writer

In a small building on 428 Auto Center Drive, customers select pastries from self-servicebins using tongs, while others stand at the register to order cakes and drinks. Employees insert
bread into plastic bags for purchasers to take home or eat at one of the tables inside.

This is Claremont’s new 85 o C Bakery Cafe, one of many stores in the Taiwan-based franchise, which
has been called the “Starbucks of Taiwan.”

The self-serve bakery chain was founded in 2003 by Cheng-Hsueh Wu, and its first U.S.
store opened in 2008 to a positive reception. Fans on Yelp cite the inexpensive products and the
short wait time.

The chain sells all kinds of bread: buns, rolls, Danishes, sandwiches, and Japanese,
Taiwanese, and European pastries, displayed in all their cheap, freshly made glory behind rows
of shiny glass. Also up for purchase are cakes, tea, and coffee, including the brand’s signature
sea salt coffee.

One of the latest in a series of U.S. expansions, the Claremont location lives up to the
brand’s reputation: while it may not be Michelin star worthy, the food is almost certainly worth
an afternoon.