College through a Cal Poly Bronco


Adielene Torres, Staff Writer

The transition from high school to college may be very intimidating and cause anxiety.

“It was kind of stressing adjusting to how fast paced everything was. My first day of college was pretty chill because we went over the syllabus in all my classes.” Cal Poly and former OHS student and OHS Tennis player, Esmeralda Diaz, recalls to her first day at Cal Poly Pomona. “My orientation was honestly a lot of fun and is still the most memorable moment I’ve had so far at CPP.” She adds.

As high school students, getting told about the great amount of difference of workload in high school and college is constantly repeated.

“The workload is definitely more rigorous than high school. My school is on the quarter system, so it feels fine for about two weeks. Then everything just comes at once and the workload can get overwhelming.”

As FAFSA’s deadline is slowly approaching, Diaz mentions how helpful it is for her, “FAFSA has been a big help and is one of the most important things you need to do.” She advises seniors to fill out the application on time.

One of the many conflicts students may face is to deciding what’s best, to commute or to dorm. “I commute, but I recommend that incoming freshman dorm.” Diaz states major obstacles including parking. “After 10:00 am, you won’t find parking. It’s better to go early if you choose to commute.”

“I do have a job but they are very flexible with my school schedule. I have chosen to only work weekends to give myself time to do schoolwork.”

“College overall has been good. It’s a lot different from high school and you have to make sure you’re at the top of your game to prevent from slacking.” Diaz also mentions time managing for work, schoolwork, and ‘me time’.

She advises to seniors, “Don’t fall behind because once you realize it, you have to do better, you probably won’t have the time to fix it. Good luck in college!”