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Emiliano Villegas

Adam George, Staff Writer

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Inside the locker room at Ontario High School, a tennis player resides, spending time with his friends. He knows the tennis courts will still be there when he gets around to showing up there.

Emiliano Villegas, referred to as Emi by friends and family, is very well-known around the campus of Ontario High School because of his participation in sports and involvement with numerous celebrities. Emi’s past connections to multiple celebrities over Instagram has gained him over 1000 followers of his own.

Emi grew up in the town of Pomona, and lived there from ages 2-9. He explained the struggles associated with living there, including major violent aspects of the town. Life flew by for him, but completely changed once he made a connection to music.

He began listening to artists such as Migos, A$AP Ferg, and Future once he reached the 6th grade. He later began to listening to artists such as DRAM, Amine, and Gucci Mane, but that was further into junior high.

Emi’s music defines him, as that’s a major aspect of his life, as it is also for many people. He expanded his love for music and expressed it over his instagram accounts, in which he created collages with soundtracks of artists such as DRAM or MadeinTYO played over it.

They did not go unnoticed either, as a few of these artists reposted these collages and even gave Emi a follow on Instagram. Every celebrity that has followed him on any of his Instagram accounts consist of: MadeinTYO, Amine, TeRio, Lil Clout, and Blac Chyna. At one point, even had TMZ following him.

Emi’s Instagram following and participation in sports such as football and tennis have given him a well-known status at the school. He currently plays varsity doubles on the tennis team and has plan of rejoining football in the future.

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Emiliano Villegas