Mariah Rodriguez


Mariana Orozco-Berber, Co-Editor in Chief

In a setting with over 1,000 people, it may be easy to get lost amidst the crowd. Senior Mariah Rodriguez, however, is one of the exceptional students at Ontario High School.

Mariah is a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. As a matter if fact, she considers it her life motto.

“I live by that motto every good or bad day as a reminder that all actions, decisions, and experiences [occur] to follow you through your path,” says Mariah with excitement.

    Like many, Mariah has participated in a variety of rigorous courses, and has maintained a healthy GPA. Her dedication as a scholar enabled her to get into the school of her dreams, University of California Irvine. However she has chosen a different path.

    “Cosmetology has helped me acquire a diverse amount of skills” she says.

    Mariah participated in a cosmetology course through the Baldy View ROP program for about a year and a half.

She had to decide between going to the school of her dreams, or attending more local university and simultaneously complete her training to acquire a cosmetology license. Mariah decided to do the latter.

    Becoming a hairstylist is just one aspiration of Mariah’s, not only to be able to have a decent paying job as she pursues higher education, but to help others “feel wonderful and self-worthy,” she states.

    Looking ahead, Mariah saw it valuable to renounce her her dream school and pursue another passion. She recounts that it was a difficult decision to make, but it was worth it for her.

    Perhaps it is her desire to be a successful, happy woman at peace with her life which allowed her to let go of something she once wanted, for something she found more value in.

Mariah Rodriguez, a firm believer of “Everything happens for a reason,” has been able to make difficult decisions without wincing at the potential undesirable outcomes.

It is not only her scholarly habits, or her cosmetic skill set, but her attitude as well that makes her OHS.